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Outdoor Lighting & Maintenance

Landscape lighting can really make a home and yard “pop”.

  • On the top of many honey-do lists: Put in some outdoor lighting.
  • On the top of many phobia lists: Electrocution

Not to worry! The electricians at Hucker Electric have installed and repaired all kinds of outdoor and landscape lighting. It’s an art to them. Heck, we even have an actual artist-turned-electrician on our team.

Outdoor Lighting Makes a Home Safer

Law enforcement agencies strongly encourage homeowners to install outdoor lighting to avoid crime on their property. It never fails, the home that is broken into on a block is the one without security lighting outside. And it’s time to stop tripping around your dark yard. Your small pets will thank you as well. They will feel much more safe when you let them out at night.

Custom Lighting Solutions

Your outdoor lighting should fit your property and budget. Our electricians can help you build out custom plans to do just that. We have been doing this for a long time. We can install and repair just about any landscape lighting on the planet. It’s time to light up your world. Give us a call today!