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Lighting Waukegan Homes


Recessed Lighting

Whether remodeling your entire home or adding a brighter light to a room, there’s no better lighting choice than recessed lighting for your Lake County home. Recessed lights are light fixtures that are installed into the ceiling. A newer trend uses “Light Emitting Diodes” (LED’s) as recessed lights to lower power bills.

Recessed lighting saves a significant amount of power.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an estimated 62% of energy could be reduced with the widespread use of recessed lighting and LEDs. LEDs alone save approximately 85% of the electricity processed by incandescent light bulbs. They also save up to 30% of electricity used by fluorescent tube lighting. Save energy by installing LED recessed lighting in your Lake County home or office today!

The Hucker Electric Lighting Process

During the installation, your Hucker Electric technicians will:

  • Help you design a custom recessed lighting system that suits your style.
  • Diagnose the installation and voltage requirements.
  • Discover the recessed lighting fixture’s dimensions.
  • Check for any obstructions in your ceiling.
  • Cut clean holes in the ceiling and install the fixture’s wiring.
  • Install the recessed lights.
  • Clean up their own mess – save the sweet new lighting, it’ll be like we were never there!

Are you ready to light up your home?

Call the experienced electricians at Hucker Electric today. We have been the trusted electricians in the Waukegan area for over 80 years. You will love the work we do. We guarantee it.