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Electrical Panel & Service Upgrades

Upgrading electric panels isn’t sexy – but it can save your life.

Old electric service panels and loops are dangerous. And, unfortunately, Lake County is full of dangerously outdated electric panels. We should know – we installed the original panels, brand new, as far back as 1929. Many, many fires are started in the Waukegan area because these panels have not been replaced by their homeowners.

Your service panel is the electrical entrance to your home.

Most people do not know this: When you add new equipment, media devices and appliances to the home, more strain is put on your electric service panel. If you have to keep running to the panel to flip a breaker, your panel needs an upgrade!

You can trust Hucker Electric.

Your electrician will be on-time, and will provide expert consultation plus a no-obligation quote. Our team upgrades service panels all the time – it’s what we do! We can upgrade or replace the electrical service entrances to the home, quickly and efficiently. You’ll be back online in no time! While they’re at your home, you should ask your electrician about Whole Home Surge Protection. It will keep your electrical circuits, and everything plugged into them, safe from lighting, arc faults, and all those power surges!