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Outdoor Lighting Repairs

Keep your business property well lit.

Hucker Electric maintains numerous outdoor lights to help promote safety and security in public areas and around businesses. Let us know if an outdoor light or streetlight is out or not working properly. We will dispatch our aerial bucket truck to repair it, quickly and completely. If you need help selecting and installing the best outdoor lighting for your business or public area, we do a lot of that to!


If there is damaged outdoor lighting or wiring on your property, the first rule of safety is to not touch the power line. Don’t touch anything touching a power line (such as tree limbs, tools and toys). Even power lines that have fallen may be dangerous and should not be moved or disturbed.

Parking Lots, Patio Lighting, You Name It.

If your business has outdoor lighting, you will need quick repairs when it fails. Call “The Fast Response Team” to get back up and running in no time. Don’t make your customers wait or risk injury when your outdoor lighting goes out. Call Hucker Electric. We will take care of everything.